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AMS - Advanced Messaging Security
Advanced Messaging Security

The AMS – or Advanced Messaging Security – product family addresses the concerns of today's security-conscious companies. Using AMS products, companies implement their messaging security according to their corporate policy, i.e. enabling, supporting or enforcing messaging security and Data Leak Prevention (DLP)


extends the dual control principle ("double signature") to electronic messages and, thus, addresses the concerns of today's security-conscious companies. More...


is of special interest to companies for which responsiveness is crucial by guaranteeing that urgent incoming messages are delivered and handled on time. More...

eCrypt and eWebMail

is a central, easy-to-administer crypting server for e-mail messages. More...


is a Web traffic monitoring tool. More...

Only limited information is provided here for customer protection and security reasons. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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