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AMS/eCrypt and eWebMail

eCrypt is a central, easy-to-administer crypting server for e-mail messages. With eCrypt, staff members send and receive encrypted and signed e-mail messages without having to bother with the niceties of cryptography. Certificates are managed centrally and any message processing such as crypting and signing, signature validation, etc. is automatically done on the server.

eWebMail enables confidential messages to be exchanged with partners who do not use S/MIME, PGP or similar cryptographic techniques. The external partner can access the messages via secure Web links (SSL encryption protocol) using a standard browser and can react/reply using the same communication channel.

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Figure 1: Encryption after Virus Scanning and Authorization

Encryption after Virus Scanning and Authorization

Figure 2: Desktop Encryption Is Not Secure

Desktop Encryption Is Not Secure

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